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Life is what you make it. If you are ready to make a success of your life, you will be a success; likewise if you are ready to make a failure of your life you will be a failure. You get what you put into life, automatically.
—- Omokayode Sadiq Carew

My late dad , Omokayode Sadiq Carew so much believed in one’s ability to make a success of one’s life. He always told me, ” Kifaya it is never too late to rewrite the chapters of your life. If you dont succeed now, keep trying, one day you will make it.”

I always believed in this principle that “If you fall, rise up and dust yourself and keep going”. It has helped me so much in life. You see I have made a lot of mistakes,yet I have been able to turn those mistakes into achievements; through the power of never giving up.

When I came across MEMMA (Meritchoice Millionaire Mentor-ship Academy),I knew that finally I have reached the place to make a huge breakthrough in my quest for Financial Freedom.

See Email marketing has been so simplified and made achievable by MEMMA that I believe anyone can make a headway with MEMMA if they are ready to learn. Click here to find out and learn how:-

Email marketing is a tool which can be utilized to achieve financial freedom. There are over 46.9billion emails all over the world and you just need a small fraction to sell your digital products to in order to achieve financial freedom; how easy is that.

At MEMMA we educate you on how you can package, market and sell your digital product online to a large number of clients and make an inexhaustible residual income from it. Click here to find out how:-

When you have residual income you can make money even when you sleep. It is such a beautiful concept because even when you are on vacation, when you are playing, partying or relaxing; you are earning revenue. How great is that? Click here to learn how to and go ahead and register:-

With MEMMA we equip you with the tools and know how to gain financial freedom through the use of email marketing. You will be educated on how to turn your email list into your financial cash cow or nest egg. Click here to find out more:-

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My name is Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare. I used to work as an employee for over 10 years till I found my calling as an entrepreneur. I came across  MeritChoice Millionaires Mentor-ship Academy( MEMMA). I enrolled and afterward became a certified Pro member of MEMMA where I learnt and developed my skills on Internet marketing. This has in more ways I can mention helped start my online business

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