Its time to make that much needed wealth this New Year, 2018.

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The New year is finally here! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Are you prepped to meet up with its new opportunities and challenges of this New Year? Are you financially prepared especially after spending so much during Christmas and the other holidays that followed? For those of you that have children, you know what that means don’t you? Are you prepared for the school fees to pay before the resumption dates of your children because in about a week or two, school starts again. For those of you that have dependants such as parents,relatives and others, the beginning of the year is not always palatable.

Well I  have good news for you. There is a solution to this burning issue.Let me introduce you an easy way of meeting all these financial burdens of yourself and loved ones.This 2 money spinning businesses, Mini-Importation and Real Estate is the best way to go.  Learn the tricks of the trade to selling imported products for at least 400% profit. Yes I mean it. Also learn how to Invest in Real Estate and become a big player without investing a kobo!

Click on the link below to know more details of the one day Action-Packed Seminar with 2 mouth-watering training to get you started from the class:-


  1. How To Invest As Low As N10,000.00 In Mini-Importation And Make 300% to 500% Within 14 Days
  2. How to Make It Big In Real Estate without Owning a Property or Investing a Kobo.

DATE: Wednesday 10th January, 2018

TIME: 10am

VENUE: MeritChoice Office, 129, Atinuke Plaza, Block F, Beside Rainoil Filling Station, Okota Road, Lagos.

For those that will not be able to attend, you can as well make payment as we will record the seminar and you can have access to it online or through CD depending on your preference. Click here to register for a token fee to gain access to this opportunity:-

When attending our training bring along your laptop/ tab, Internet connection and connecting box. Don’t miss it.


Here are other trainings we will be having. You can plan to attend:-

Free Internet Marketing Seminar – January 11, Thursday 2018. Click the link below to register.

About The Author


My name is Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare. I used to work as an employee for over 10 years till I found my calling as an entrepreneur. I came across  MeritChoice Millionaires Mentor-ship Academy( MEMMA). I enrolled and afterward became a certified Pro member of MEMMA where I learnt and developed my skills on Internet marketing. This has in more ways I can mention helped start my online business

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