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—Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord, ALLAH. ALLAH is aware of all that you do. Put your trust in ALLAH; for ALLAH is sufficient as a Guardian.

— Quran Chapter 33 Verses 2-3

It is said that only 3% of the entire worlds population is truly wealthy or has financial freedom. The rest of the enormous 97% is either struggling, living in abject poverty or on welfare or government funds or surviving via pay- cheque to pay- cheque. This statistic, as outrageous and ridiculous as it sounds is very true.

A lot of people or rather our generation and those before us have been trained to be employees and not entrepreneurs or employers of labour. We have been taught and trained right from school that after we graduate, we are to seek for a high paying job that is financially secure. We have been indoctrinated to work for money, to trade our time and knowledge for money; and not to have money work for us. Learn how to make money work for you by clicking here:-

Only a few have been lucky or opportune to take the bull by the horn, become entrepreneurs, fail a couple of times then succeed finally, build an empire for himself then retire as a wealthy investor in various companies. These opportune few make up the minute 3% that is financially free. Learn how to become financially free by clicking here:-

 This does not have to be so. Due to the advent of introduction and access to the internet world wide , a lot of people are now becoming self made millionaires or billionaires through Digital marketing. People have learnt that they do not have to get a white collar job , but they can trade valuable information to ready made buyers through the internet . This has made a lot of people to attain the financial freedom they so desire just by trading valuable information to their email list. Learn how to also achieve this by clicking here :-

 You too can also be financially free if you are ready and will to be. Just attend this seminar being organised by MEMMA which is a mentoring body on email marketing and learn the rudiments of how to market and sell your information to a global audience. Click on this link to attend:-
You see knowledge is power when used wisely and information is wealth when sold to the right audience. Learn how to achieve wealth by attending this free seminar. Fill in your details and register now:-

 See you there Insha Allah!
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My name is Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare. I used to work as an employee for over 10 years till I found my calling as an entrepreneur. I came across  MeritChoice Millionaires Mentor-ship Academy( MEMMA). I enrolled and afterward became a certified Pro member of MEMMA where I learnt and developed my skills on Internet marketing. This has in more ways I can mention helped start my online business

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