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—Allah commands justice, kindness and giving their [due to] near relatives,and he forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and transgression. He admonishes you so that you may take heed!
—-Quran Chap 16 Verse 90

All laws made and sent to us from Allah through his messenger , Prophet Mohammed [ Sallalhu Alayin Wasalam[ Peace Be upon him]} is for our own good. Also it has been discovered that the Sunnah of the prophet Mohammed has been proven by scientist to be healthy for us. Which favour of Allah do you deny?

You see my readers according to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) we are meant to strive towards the pleasure of Allah and at the same time earn a legal, Godly(HALAL) means of livelihood for ourselves.

Which brings us to this. Which other means of livelihood is as Right or as Halal as sharing useful and much needed information? According to Rasullullahi (SAW) “The best knowledge learnt is the best knowledge taught”.

This is why I will like you to take advantage of this free upcoming seminar that will be held in Lagos axis that will educate you on the rudiments of Digital Marketing through Email Marketing.

The seminar is coming up in Lagos and to attend is free. You just need to register with a token fee and you will be given an opportunity to attend a free seminar that is worth about N250,000.00 because your digital business will be setup immediately so you can start earning income asap.
Click here to find out more:-

This free seminar will be handled by my coach and mentor Mr. Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola ( You can Google him) who happens to be very vast in the business of Email marketing in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Click here to attend now:-

My mentor and coach Mr Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, who also happens to be the CEO of Meritchoice Ltd, will be addressing the challenges you can or may have encountered while trying to partake in email marketing and he will take you one on one, hand by hand to see you through.Before you leave the seminar you will have established your business online. Click here to register now:-

If you will like to partake in this venture,Click on this link and be part of us:-

See you Insha Allah at the seminar.

P.S: Look out for me.

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My name is Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare. I used to work as an employee for over 10 years till I found my calling as an entrepreneur. I came across  MeritChoice Millionaires Mentor-ship Academy( MEMMA). I enrolled and afterward became a certified Pro member of MEMMA where I learnt and developed my skills on Internet marketing. This has in more ways I can mention helped start my online business

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